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Hand Painted Pottery

Geisha is an important aspect of Japanese culture, and their elegant performances keep attracting many people from around the world.Geisha are professional hostesses who entertain customers through various performing arts as gei means arts or performances, and sha means people in Japanese. Geisha are not either ordinary hostesses or prostitutes.Geisha are trained in a number of skills: traditional Japanese dance, singing, playing instruments like flower arrangement, wearing kimono.The vase depicts one such Geisha  Japanese tea ceremony. I painted this vase after getting inspired by this beautiful aspect of Japanese culture.description: Giesha figures painted on a terracotta vase.
Price $95
The multifaceted arts from Turkey were influenced by the ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Persians and later in history by the Selçuks, the Mongols, the Central Asians and the Egyptians. The Ottoman Empire encompassed the Balkans, Hungary, Greece, Anatolia, Egypt, southern Europe, Syria, Palestine, Algeria and Cyprus and there were cultural exchanges in all the performing arts.The Turkish dance is an assertive, passionate and sometimes even an  indifferent whirlpool of ecstatic movements.It was once described as the dance that could "melt a stone.” The “cengis” (dancing girls) and the “koceks” (dancing boys) were the public entertainers. Once in the harem, the women who exhibited dancing abilities were further schooled in the terpsichorean arts and these became the court dances of the Ottoman Empire. It is a hand painted pot showing a Turkish dancing girl figure, made on terracotta pot.
Price $80


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