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Hand Carved Name of Muhammad

The name Muhammad has different connotations across sections of world population.To some ,it echoes with the religiosity of Islam,to others the name has epitomized beauty par grandeur.I have chosen the name MUHAMMAD to signify all that is bright and beautiful .This  piece of art is made on white clay ,after having been hand carved to bring out the beautiful contours of the ecclesiastical name.The tile was fired at 1100 F and it is non glazed and is sized at 9x9 inches.

This tile has been made in the same manner as the previously described one ,yet has a brilliance of its own.The firing and glazing techniques are the same but the inside lettered word has been engraved with dark blue glass.the dark blue signifies the calm and coolness that comes with the pronunciation of the name Muhammad-the depth and calmness of a deep blue river that matches the depth of character of the Holy prophet.
The same rhythm runs through this heat treated ,glazed tile.The fulsome contours reminiscent of the ottoman art and the ever celebrated Islamic calligraphy.All the shown tiles are close to my heart-a labour of love and untiring effort spread over a couple of weeks.The price quoted is not worthy of the labor put in,yet the same has been calculated keeping in view the size and the materials used.Of course, no price is enough for the love engraved in the ceramic.
Each tile.$175


i guess you are in field of ceramic products, i want some customize ceramic designs, do me favor and give some details i want to place some orders

Shahrukh Malik

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